Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Mister Boss Man Blog Tour +Review

Title: Mister Boss Man
Author: Ryleigh York
Genre: Erotic Romance


My dick has a certain appetite.  Curvy, sassy, and gone the next morning. When my new paralegal walks in, I take one look at her, and immediately know I'm f*cked.  Because the curvy little sexpot standing in my office was once the hottest one night stand of my life. What I wouldn't give for a repeat. I'm ready to break all my rules, and show her exactly what I fantasize about during our meetings. When things heat up between us, I think I've finally met my match, but what I never counted on was the woman I’ve fallen for being the one poised for the ultimate betrayal.
Meet The Author
Ryleigh York is a romance author and a hopeless romantic. She's also a normal suburban housewife with two little kids, and loves to escape into romance novels in her spare time.

 I am so torn with this book. I really liked where the storyline was going and how things were progressing but then the book just kind of ended. I felt like she missed the whole second half of the story line. The book was very well written, so I have great hope for her other books. I believe this is Ryleigh’s first book. I feel like book could have been so much more. The blurb doesn’t really describe the book very well. It describes Logan well but not the book. Macey is a paralegal faced with a difficult task. Lucas is a lawyer. They meet at a bar that has a whole extra side to it. They have a one-night stand only to find out Monday that she in his new paralegal. They felt a pull towards each other and it wasn’t a typical one-night stand. Now Macey’s situation is made even more difficult by her feelings for Lucas. After them working together for a bit the book just seems to fizzle out and stop. Even with this book ending the way it did and feeling like it was missing something I will give Ryleigh’s next book a try to see if things improve. Again, this book made me torn but give it a try for yourself and see how you feel about it.

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