Friday, December 16, 2016

Frederick Release Day +Review


Title: “Frederick”
Author: Esther E. Schmidt
Cover Design: Esther E. Schmidt
Cover model: Chris Spearman
Photographer: FuriousFotog, Golden Czermak
Release Day: 16th of December 2016
Standalone: BDSM

Taking the world by force is all Frederick has ever known. Domination is in his blood; which is evident in the boardroom and the bedroom. While stranded on the doorstep of his virtual assistant, Frederick finds himself in new territory. As a person who demands and takes, Frederick now finds himself ready to give.
Taryn has built her walls high with layers and layers of guilt after the deaths of her sister and nephew. Her solitary life, void of most pleasures, is her self-imposed punishment. Working is her only connection to the outside world; that is until her work barges through her front door.
Thrown together in a snowstorm, secrets are uncovered. Will Frederick break through her walls built by guilt? Can Taryn open up and let go? Or will their curiosity bring them to their knees? 

price is set: 99c
(Normal price: $2.99 SALE ENDS 3 days after release: 12/19)

WOW.  I love all of Esther’s book and this one was no different.  This book is a standalone vs a series which is different.  This book has danger, bdsm, romance and more.  Frederick is Blue’s half-brother and that is how he ties into her other books.  He is has a virtual assistant that he uses to take care of some things and after the first few calls he has a steady virtual assistant named Taryn.  So knows just how to deal with Fred.  She is also the only person who gets away with calling him Fred.  Fred is dominant in every part of his life, but with Taryn he finds himself in new territory.  Finding himself stranded on Taryn doorstep in a snow storm may change Frederick’s whole life.  Taryn has built walls all around herself because of something that happened to her sister and nephew.  She feels guilty and like it is her fault will Frederick be able to help her feel again; to realize that she needs to grieve and move on instead of living in constant guilt?  This book was fantastic.  I love Taryn and how she doesn’t just throw herself and Frederick’s feet.  She is spunky and a spit fire.  She talks back and sasses.  Frederick finds himself thrown off balance by Taryn.  He never expected to find a woman to settle down with but that is exactly what he wants to do with Taryn.  I love how they banter back and forth.  They have an insta kind of love.  I highly recommend this book and all of Esther’s books.  I look forward to Esther’s next book. 

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