Friday, June 3, 2016

Savage Sacrifice (Savage Angels MC #5) Blog Hop +Review

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This is the fifth book in this series and they must be read in order.  At the end of the last book Dane sees Will kiss Kat on stage at one of her concerts.  This book pics up right where that one left off.  Dane and Kat haven’t seen each other for months and when they talk on the phone they argue.  When he finally comes to see her it doesn’t end any better.  He sees her come in with Will hand in hand.  Photographers are all over the lobby and witness everything.  Kat tells him to go away.  What will it take to fix what is happening between Kat and Dane?  Is this the end of them?  Dane would do anything for Kat including leaving the MC for her.  Everything it not as it seems between Kat’s band the Grinders and Will’s band.  Kat is trying to keep the peace and Will has it bad for Kat.  He is trying to put a wedge between Dane and Kat.  Will however has some dirty secrets that he is keeping.  Will those secrets be the thing that sends Kat right back to Dane before Will ever gets his chance?  Meanwhile you get to read more about Truth and Rosie’s relationship.  You get to read about the Houston chapter as well and Dane is going to help them move into the future.  I really felt for Dane and Kat.  Kat felt left out and like she wasn’t in a true partnership.  Dane knew what he did was wrong however he was torn between the club and his wife.  How much was okay to tell her and how much was too much.  Dane wants nothing more than protect Kat.  Kat wants to be included feel like she he isn’t leaving her behind and lying to her.  Their love is a one of a kind love and they will find a way.  I loved getting to read about the MC again and already can’t wait for the next book to come out.  Kathleen Kelly is a fantastic author.  Her books pull you in and make you wish you could actually be friends with the characters.  I am always left excited for the next book and wishing it would come out sooner.  The characters have depth are and a realness to them.  Another fantastic job Kathleen Kelly.

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