Thursday, March 9, 2017

Arousal by Simone Sowood +Review

ArousalArousal by Simone Sowood
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have read several of Simone’s books and loved them. I loved this just as much as the others. Simone is a fantastic writer. Her characters pull you in. Darcy has been hurt in the past and now she doesn’t do second dates. She sleeps with men on the first date and never goes out with them again. Liam doesn’t even do dates. He picks girls up has sex with them and then has them escorted out of his fuck pad. Some don’t even make till breakfast. Darcy is at dinner with her father and he won’t let up on her about her not having a boyfriend. She vows to herself the next man who walks through the door she is going to tell her father that he is her boyfriend. Liam is the next man who walks through the door. Darcy can’t believe her luck. He is gorgeous and isn’t wearing a ring. He goes along with Darcy without thinking twice. When he leaves halfway through dinner Darcy tells her father that is was because of the way he was treating her. Darcy and her father have a tenuous relationship at best. When Liam wants to see Darcy again she is forced to face how he makes her feel. They come up with an agreement to be each other’s plus one to an event each. Only Liam doesn’t really have an event and just wants to spend more time with Darcy. He will find a way to get her to agree to date him. He doesn’t know exactly what happened but he does know something happened to cause Darcy to be cautious. Liam has his own issues and isn’t lying to Darcy but he isn’t telling her everything either. Somethings are to keep her safe and some are because he is doing some hiding of his own. This book has intrigue, romance, and a bit of mystery. Darcy and Liam are alike in a lot of ways but different in others. While Darcy may not agree with how Liam does things she eventually sees that he was trying to help and protect her. I can’t wait to read Simone’s next book.
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