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Hard Edit (Black Balled #2) Review Tour +Reviews

  Title: Hard Edit
Series: Black Balled #2
By: Andrea Smith & Eva LeNoir
Publication Date: September 4, 2016
Genre: MM Romance



It's all fun and games until egos get hurt. After a year of a seemingly happily-ever-after, Troy Babilonia throws a curve ball that smacks Larson Blackburn right in the head. When Troy's debut novel, "Bridge to Lonely," threatens to overshadow Larson's own success, inviting a past shadow into the light of their present, the two alphas must learn to adjust.
"Bridge to Lonely" has garnered an unexpected success both in the literary world and in the film industry, forcing Larson to accept that he is not the only successful author in the building. But as Troy's old flame decides to make an appearance, the two alphas are forced to test the strength of their love. Let the battle of the egos recommence; where sarcasm is the preferred weapon, and the testosterone levels go beyond the boiling point. Because Black Balled just wasn't enough...Smith & LeNoir bring you Hard Edit. Adult Content 18+

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This is the second book in this series and they should be read in order.  This book was so much more emotional than the first book.  This book picks up about a year after the first one ends.  They mention in the first book that Troy had written a book and no publisher wanted it.  In this book he decides to self-publish it.  That’s right after bashing indie authors he becomes one himself.  They go into much more depth about how the story is about Troy’s youth and his struggle with his sexual identity.  Some of the things he went through are just horrible and he is still not really over them.  Larson helps Troy with processing those things in this book.  Reading about him doing the process tore me apart at times.  There are some pretty funny times in the book as well.  How jealous they are sometimes is pretty humorous.  Then of course there are miscommunications and assumptions that have you wanting to yell at both of them but that’s what Ida is for.  Someone from both the guys past also plays a large part in the book and in some of the stiff in their relationship.  Both Larson and Troy are insecure at times and worry that the other will change their mind about being in such a committed relationship.  Larson was married but it didn’t feel the same for him as his relationship with Troy does.  So in a sense this is the first real committed relationship either of them has been in.  All the characters from the first book make an appearance plus some new ones.  I can’t say enough about this series and how much I love it.  There is also a spin off book for Lloyd and I can’t wait to read it.  I highly recommend this series.

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Andrea Smith
Andrea Smith is a USA Today and Amazon Best-Selling Author of the G-Man Series! She has a wicked sense of humor. No matter the genre, she is able to infuse laughter throughout. She self-publishes Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, and Sensual Romance with a paranormal twist. She also writes New Adult Romance, and has recently collaborated with Author Eva LeNoir on two M/M Romances, with the third to be released in September 2016!
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Eva LeNoir
Eva LeNoir grew up travelling with her parents to various countries in the world. Reading was her constant companion during her travels and her ability to adapt to different cultures fed her mind with endless possibilities. The characters swimming in her head are always from various horizons with a multitude of dreams and aspirations.  However, all of these voices always have one thing in common: The women are strong and independent. A true believer in the female cause, Eva's wish is to portray the women in her books as the leaders. She sees them walking hand in hand with their partners and not be the sheepish followers of the male gender. But most of all, Eva LeNoir wants to offer her readers a moment of pleasure as they dive into the world of her mind's creation.
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