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RELEASE: AUG 31, 2015

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Dylan Turner wasn’t looking for love, all he needed was someone to warm his bed and be gone by morning. Baseball was what made his life worth living. The hunger to play, the need to live and breathe baseball—it was ingrained in his blood and veins, making his heart thump, beat for beat. It wasn’t until he met Paige that everything changed. She became part of the game, only it was a game he never wanted to end. Paige’s love for baseball was ingrained in her before she was even born. She never thought she would find love in the form of a baseball player though but that all changes when she meets her new schools first baseman. Was Paige really ready for this roller coaster ride? When the count is full, will what they have survive?


I was hooked from the very beginning.  This book was funny, romantic, and more.  I read this whole book in one sitting.  In fact I stayed up till 3 in the morning reading it.  Paige has been raised by a single father from the time she was 7 and her best friend is Jack.  Jack is very protective of her, so she hasn’t ever had a boyfriend.  She is off to college now in South Carolina with Jack attends college in Florida on a full scholarship for football.  Paige is eager to start this next part of her life; it scares her a little as well.  She is worried at first about her roommate because she seems like the total opposite of her and what she requested on her roommate form.  But, she and Kitty hit it off right away.  Kitty introduces Paige to one of her brothers, Chris and his friend Dylan.  Kitty warns Paige to stay away from Dylan because he is a player and doesn’t even let the girl stay the night.  Paige happens to have a class with Dylan.  Dylan is completely taken by Paige the first time he meets her.  Once he gets to know her he knows that he wants more than just sex with Paige.  She throws him off his game.  They start talking in class and sometimes go for coffee.  Could he too late though, Paige starts dating a boy in another one of her classes.  She doesn’t feel the butterflies in her stomach for him that she feels just by seeing Dylan so it doesn’t last long and Dylan is willing to do whatever it takes to be with Paige.  Dylan breaks it off with his two regular girls and asks Paige to give him a shot.  Dylan didn’t have the best upbringing and has never really had family until Chris and Kitty’s family basically adopted him.  Paige has a feeling there is more to Dylan than he shows most people.  He puts on a tuff exterior so that he rejects people before they can reject him.  However he shows Paige his other side and is so romantic with her.  Will Dylan be able to make it work with Paige or will he mess it up like he fears?  This book was fantastic.  The story between Dylan and Paige was great to read.  Dylan is willing to do whatever he has to, to make it work with Paige.  Normally he would be scared shitless about the things he and Paige to but with her it is different for some reason.  Paige wants to trust Dylan so much but sees how other girls look and flock toward Dylan.  She worries that he will get bored with her.  Dylan is her first and only romantic relationship.  The characters in this book are great.  They are really there for each other.  They know when to give each other space and when to close ranks to protect each other.  I look forward to reading other books by Cori Williams in the future.

Cori Williams is a contemporary romance writer who resides in Michigan with her husband and three young children. Her love of reading from a very young age transferred over to a love of writing and now the stories are never ending. Her love of writing and romance combined make the perfect equivalent for creating the happily ever afters for her characters with sometimes bumpy journeys along the way. “Forever isn’t always easy.”

Twitter: @CAWilliams00

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