Friday, April 29, 2016

Dams (Areion Fury MC #2) Release Day +Review


Title: "Dams"
Series: Areion Fury MC #2
Author: Esther E. Schmidt
Cover Design: Esther E. Schmidt
Cover model: Dan Francis
Photographer: FuriousFotog, Golden Czermak
Release Day: April 29th, 2016

Dams is a man of few emotions, apathetic if you will. His past carved him into the man he is today; a strong body and mind but lacking the desire for connections beyond his brothers. He’s stoic. Unflappable. You can throw anything at him and he will divide and conquer making him the perfect VP of Areion Fury. He’s got everything he needs in life, or so he thought. On a backside road in the middle of nowhere he finds what seems to have been missing all his life.
Nerd prefers the digital world rather than the real life version. There’s a reason she’s a genius with a computer. She’s a lot like them; a lot of memory, a hard drive and no emotion. Stuck in the past with painful memories, she keeps the contact with Areion Fury digital for a reason. She hates lying, cheating bikers. A family obligation pulls Nerd from behind her computer and a chance encounter pushes her further from her comfort zone.
Will Nerd let her past determine her future? Not if Dams has anything to say about it. While Dams is marking his territory, danger is circling Nerd’s family business and threatening her safety. Can Dams handle the threat before it takes away everything he never knew he wanted?

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My Review

This is the second book in this series and you must read them in order.  With that said I also think you should read Deeds (Broken Deeds MC #1) first.  They reference some things that happen in that book in this one.  While it didn’t make feel like I was missing something it did make me wish I knew what it was.  This book was maybe better than the first.  I can’t decide.  This book focuses on the VP Dams and his Ol’ Lady Nerd.  Nerd is introduced near the end of the first book.  She is the clubs go to person for info.  She only worked with them by phone or email until they need the info pronto and she is forced to meet the man she has been talking to Dams.  In this book Dams breaks down by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere and is forced to call for a tow.  When the tow arrives it is Nerd.  The tow company belongs to her Aunt and Uncle.  There is just something about Nerd that Dams feel things he has never felt before.  He is drawn to her and doesn’t want to fight it.  When she receives a phone call from her Aunt that their world has changed Dams steps right up to help her and her family.  Nerd’s father was part of the club and she saw firsthand how horrible bikers can be.  She is determined not to believe anything Dams says and to not give into the way she feels for her.  Dams wants her he isn’t going to stop until she believes he isn’t like her father.  She is it for him and is willing to do whatever it takes for him to be it for her too.  Nerd is so afraid to be hurt by Dams that she continues to build walls and push him away.  He knows she needs time and determined to give it to her.  They are so alike and they don’t even realize it at first.  I absolutely love these characters and the world Esther has created.   I can’t get enough of them and have already purchased Deeds to find out what happens with the things they referenced in this book.  Esther is quickly becoming one of my favorite new authors.  The books have a so much depth to them.  I was sucked in from the first word.  I highly recommend this series and the Broken Deeds MC series as well.

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