Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Very Werey Christmas Cover Reveal +Giveaway +Review

Shifters * Mistletoe * Hot Alphas
R.M. Gilmore - Becca Lee - Ashlea Rhodes
C.C. Wood - Aimie Jennison - Dahlia Donovan

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 Available November 24th 

Shifters, mistletoe, and a whole lot of alpha heat are just waiting to be discovered.

Join the pack and explore six new paranormal worlds as the weres determine exactly what they need to fall in love or lust over the holidays.

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A Hot Tree Publishing Anthology

Winter's Moon by R.M. Gilmore
Randy can guarantee the winter's moon will bring two things to her pack: fun and trouble. This year, she's not sure she's ready for either.

Pull of the Moon by Becca Lee
Cadence, alpha to the Denton Pack, isn’t looking for a mate, nor is she looking for trouble, but both arrive in the form of Dane. This Christmas, Cadence will discover just how far she's willing to go to protect what's hers.

Not Even a Mouse by Dahlia Donovan
This Christmas, feather-tailed glider shifter, Kat Strudwick, and the polar bear shifter, Declan Garett, discover true love where they'd believed only the hell of unrequited love existed.

Snow's Christmas Wish by Ashlea Rhodes
A chance encounter with a lone Vampire in a small town could lead to the fate Snow, a were on the run, had given up on. With magic in the air, can a Christmas wish come true for Snow and Ink?

The Witch and the Wolf by C.C. Wood
Candela wanted a distraction from her meddling family and found it in Blake. But will one night be enough for either of them?

Cure for Christmas by Aimie Jennison
Santa can't perform miracles, but Blake has a risky offer that could answer all of Caitlin's prayers. How far would you go when all hope is gone?

 Shifter books are my favorite genre followed very closely to vampires.  So this anthology had me right away.  All six books were fantastic.  The first to have female pack alphas which I loved.  Who needs a man, of course they find their mate but they didn't need them to lead in the first place.  I love all of Dahlia Donovan's books and have read them all so I was super excited for another book from her.  I loved Not Even a Mouse as much as her other books.  Who would have though a polar bear and rodent type shifter as mates.  A vampire was added to the mix in Snow's Christmas Wish and made me love this anthology even more.  Then finish up with Cure for Christmas where a wolf finally finds his true mate only to find out that she is dying.  Will he take the chance of biting her to see if she can make it through the change?  Over all the books were great individually but together they were fantastic.  I highly recommend this anthology.  Full of hot alpha males, romance, danger, and more.  Fantastic job ladies.

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