Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Irresistible Collection Release Blitz +Review

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The Irresistible Collection by AJ Harmon
If you were given the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and act, would you? Do you have the courage to grab the one you want most? In these stories you will read about women who take a chance and risk it all for the sex they so desperately crave. Five women – five stories – five gratifying moments. 
Indulge in these five erotic novellas that are steaming hot and emotionally satisfying. Each novella is a standalone and they can be read in any order. 
Irresistible Indulgence – In the deep dark recesses of our minds we all have a fantasy. What if one night that fantasy presented itself? Would you shy away? Or reach out and grab it with both hands? 
Irresistible Revenge – Anger, betrayal, and disappointment can be devastating and it can also lead to a need for REVENGE. What would you do if you found out your husband had been having an affair? In this short novella, you’ll discover one scenario that will leave you hot and breathless, shocked and aroused. 
A shattering phone call. A trip to the supermarket. An impromptu romp with a sexy stranger. Irresistible Revenge is just one way to deal with ridding yourself of the past and beginning a new chapter in your life. 
Irresistible Desire – Have you ever wanting something so badly but didn’t have the guts to reach out and take it? Irresistible Desire will have you breathing heavily as the heroine does exactly that. A mouse no longer, she takes a risk and claims all that she wants. Her desire is most definitely fulfilled. 
Irresistible Attraction – It’s my 15th year high school reunion. I’m so nervous about what to wear. Will he be there? 
Would you have the guts to go after the guy that you were too shy to ask out in high school? It’s been fifteen years and there he is… standing right in front of you… smiling… handing you a drink. It’s now or never. 
Irresistible Passion – When sex takes a backseat to all the other priorities like kids, work, house remodeling, etc., what do you do to get out of the rut? Try to spice up the bedroom with kinky ideas from a popular romance novel, that’s what! And what could possibly go wrong?
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This is a great collection of short erotic novellas.  They all have something different.  The first one you are left wondering if what was written ever really happen and I kinda love that about the book.  It was up to you if it happened or not and if not why it didn’t.  The second one is about a woman who is told by her husband that he is cheating on her.  She then runs into a cute grocery boy and has an adventure of her own.  The third is about that coworker you fantasize about and what it would be like to act on that fantasy.  The forth is about reuniting with your crush in high school and what could happen.  The fifth and final book in the story is about a woman trying to spice up her and her husband’s love life. Each book is great in its own way.  The second and last one had me laughing so hard.  There were some great one-liners in those for sure.  Overall the books are great and together in one collection they are even better.  I had so much fun reading these books.  They are definitely steamy reads.  I love AJ’s books and these were no different.  A must read for sure.


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