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Everything I Have (Everything I Want Series Book 3) Blog Tour +Revies

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Everything I Have by Natalie Barnes
Everything I Want Seires
Release Date: July 28 

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I fucked up.

This wasn't supposed to happen, not now, not ever! I think? Shit. I don't
know what to think anymore.

These last two years have turned my life upside down. Right when I finally
think I have everything going exactly
how I want it, something always fucking
happens. But this something is not so
easily forgotten. Part of me wishes it
could be, but the other...wants this
more than anything. I have never been
so scared in my entire life as I am
right now.

I feel so alone.

He won't want this. He won't want me.
But what if?
What fucking if? He does...
Tristan, I'd give this part of me for


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My Review

This is the third book in the series and you must read them in order.  This book picks up right where the second one ended.  Sophia has just found out that she is pregnant.  She finally has everything she wants; her band is going good and she has Tristan back but now this.  She is in a bit of shock understandably but she knows that she isn’t going to get rid of the baby.  It doesn’t take long for her to realize that she wants this baby, now what she is worried about most is how Tristan will react.  She is worried that he won’t her once he finds out.  How long will it take her to tell Tristan?  How will Tristan react?  This book was fantastic; some angst again but not as much.  Sophia has to learn to stop overthinking everything. Her whole life is about to change, but she is realizing that the changes won’t be as bad as she thinks.  Tristan can sense that something is going on in Sophia’s head but he doesn’t realize what it is.  He is going to get some answers.  They just might not come from Sophia herself.  Sophia and Tristan have changed and grown so much throughout this book.  You get to read more about both their bands again in this book.  You get a bit of a better glance of Caleb and would love to read a book about him and his story.  This was my favorite book in the series.  Tristan is still the same yet different somehow.  He never imagined himself wanting to marry someone and have a kid with them.  But, he doesn’t seem bothered by it at all.  He seems excited about Sophia being pregnant with their child.  In fact Sophia is the one holding out on the marriage front not Tristan.  Natalie Barnes has been added to my authors to watch out for list.  She writes a story that draws you in and makes you wish you could hang out with the characters in real life.  I look forward to reading other books by her in the future. 

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Read the first chapter of Everything I Have here:

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Everything I Want ( Book 1)
Everything I Need (Everything I Want 2)

Author Bio:
Natalie Barnes is the Amazon Bestselling author of Everything I Want and Everything I Need.
Her passion is she loves to read and write erotic/romance literature.
Natalie is inspired to write by listening to music, which she believes is an influential part of the creative process in her writing.

Natalie grew up on Bay Mills Indian Reservation in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
She still resides in Michigan and is married with three beautiful children.

Author Links:

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Model: Natalie Barnes

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