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Two Wrongs Make a Right Review Tour

Title: Two Wrongs Make A Right 
Author: Ann Everett
Genre: Romance

All Quinn Dorsey wants is a white picket fence fairy tale. But after another failed relationship, and her biological clock ticking double time, she's decided happily-ever-after isn't in the Tarot cards. Forget Cupid, it's time to take matters into her own hands. A simple seduction should do the trick, but then everything that can go wrong...does! 

Dak Savage isn't interested in commitment. He's been burned by women before - lied to, used, even shot. Hell, he considers women a curse and has one rule he never breaks - don't pick up women in bars. But when he agrees to a guys' night out and meets up with feisty, fast talking Quinn, his rule shatters like a dropped shot glass. 

A one night stand turns into a long weekend and as Quinn tries to abandon her ridiculous scheme, she finds herself nose-to-nose and toe-to-toe with the best mistake she's ever made. 

I liked this book but I must say it was sad most of the way through.  Quinn a woman in her thirties who is worried about missing her chance at happily ever after because of early menopause does something drastic that she will regret more than anything ever before.  Dak has never had a steady girlfriend and wasn't look for one.  Then one night by mistake he meets Quinn or as he knows her Molly and finds the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with.  However Molly(Quinn) leaves after their long weekend together and he can't find her anywhere.  Quinn does what she originally set out to do, but no kinda wishes that she hadn't or rather that it hadn't turned out the way it does.  Will she be able to tell Dak the truth or will she keep her secret between her and her two best friends never having to explain why she did what she did?  Quinn wants nothing more to see Dak again.  He is everything she has ever wanted in a man but now faced with the reality of her actions she can't for fear of how he will react.  Will they get their chance or will the mistakes of one night take away that chance?
This book had me sucked in almost right away.  Quinn felt like she was forced into a corner and took drastic measures.  She hadn't even intended for it to be Dak.  The bartender gave the wrong guy the drink she paid for.  That mistake brings her face to face with the man of her dreams.  She tries to get him to change his mind about her but it just makes him more interested in him and then she figures what are the odds.  Dak can't believe that he and Molly(Quinn) click so well.  Some of things she does would normally bother him but not when she does them.  He was totally unprepared for her to just leave.  He searches all over for her but she gave him a false name, residence, and job.  He is completely taken by surprise when he finds her once again by accident.  I can't blame him for being upset about the circumstances however he lets them get in the way.  Quinn could have fought harder for communication between them however she was afraid to rock the boat because of her circumstances.  There is a HEA but most of the book is sad.  I felt so much for both the characters and what they were going through.  Overall a great book.  Very well written with fantastic characters.

Ann Everett embraces her small town upbringing and thinks Texans are some of the funniest people on earth. When speaking to writing groups, businesses, book clubs, and non-profit organizations, she incorporates her special brand of wit, making her programs on marketing, self-publishing, and the benefits of laughter, informative and fun.
An award winning and Amazon best-selling author, when she’s not writing, she spends her days listening in on people’s conversations at the local Wal-Mart and numerous other gathering spots. She draws from that research to pen her romance and mystery books, full of southern sass, sizzle, and Texas twang.
Ten things you won’t know about Ann by reading her bio:
She’s been married to the same man since dirt, but introduces him as her “current”
She loves shopping at thrift stores, because nobody loves a bargain more than she does.
She doesn’t remember her first kiss. Maybe hypnosis would help.
She hates talking on the telephone…so don’t call.
A really sharp pencil makes her happy…part of her OCD.
She secretly wants to get a tattoo. Shh…don’t tell anyone.
A charter member of National Honor Society in high school remains one of her proudest moments. Still can’t
figure out how that happened.
She’s thankful wrinkles aren’t painful.
She sucks at math.

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