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Keep Me (Shelter Me Book 3) Blog Tour +Review

Keep Me Book 3
Shelter Me Series
Kathy Coopmans
Release Date: August 11 

Four months ago Shelby Morris left Michigan with bitter words to Antonio Schavone. Words that cut him deep. Made him re-think every aspect of his life.

Even when she left he didn't give up. He’s changed, and he wants her.
And now she’s coming back!

She has her reasons for why she said what she did. A secret she has carried with her since she was a teenager. The reason why she has never let herself get close to a man. The reason why she lives only for her job. The reason why she doesn’t feel like a complete woman. Her sister Erin doesn't even know why she has never had a relationship.

Will he be able to break through her strong willed ways? Make her realize he doesn't care what her secret is and show her she is definitely the one he wants. Or will Shelby and her feisty mouth, wicked tongue and stubborn ways be just a little bit too much for Antonio to handle?

These two are going to heat things up in this final installment of The Shelter Me series.

Everyone knows that the Schavone men get exactly what they want! 


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“You have no idea whatsoever the places I want to touch or the things I want to do to you, Shelby. Every part of you turns me the fuck on.”
I gyrate my hips into her backside so she can feel just how turned on I am.
“I- I want you to touch me.”
My eyes go wide and my ears perk up. Oh, fuck. Please tell me I heard her right.
“Where do you want me to touch you?”
She hesitates a moment before answering.
“Anywhere you want.”
Her breathing picks up and fuck, her ass pushes back into me as if to give me the green light to go ahead.
“Spread your legs,” I command.
Feeling her pulse quicken, I continue having my way with her by sucking and kissing her neck. I love the way her body is so responsive to mine. When she spreads her legs, my hands shift from her waist, grazing over the top button of her jeans. I’m silently pleading like hell she doesn’t stop me. I need her to know what she does to me, and the pleasure I desperately need to give her.
“Tell me I can touch you. I need to hear you say it.”
“God, yes. Touch me,” she pants, not one ounce of nervousness streaming from her raspy voice.
That’s all I needed to hear. I undo the button and gradually lower her zipper. My fingers glide over her lace panties while I press further into her ass.
“Have you ever been touched here, Shelby?”
Please, for the love of God, say no.
“No,” she says, barely audible, but it’s loud enough for me to hear.
I’m sure this is the first time in my life the word ‘no’ means more to me than any other.


This is the third book in the series and I think you should read them in order.  If you have not read the second book you will miss much of how Antonia and Shelby meet and started their relationship.  This book was sad at times, but I loved it.  Shelby is a twenty-five year old virgin and Antonio isn’t the type of man who has a girlfriend.  Shelby has her reasons for why she is still a virgin and now ones them except for her grandmother and her best friend Markus.  After what she did in book 2 she has been having nightmares that mixed with her reasons for being a virgin she is pushing away Antonio.  Antonio has spent the last four months since Shelby left kicking himself.  He shouldn’t have let her leave like that; he should have gone after her.  Now that she is back for her sister, Erin’s wedding Antonio isn’t going to let her get away again.  He is going to show her how much she means to him and how she has changed him.  Antonio and pretty much every close to Shelby want her to be happy.  Her friends and family have helped Antonio plan something special for Shelby.  Shelby is about to go on a life changing journey with Antonio showing her how to love and live again.  I loved the other books in this series and loved this one just as much.  Kathy Coopmans writes a story that pulls you in.  The characters are wonderful and have depth to them.  Shelby has pretty much lead a pretty sheltered life.  Then after protecting her sister and pushing Antonio away before she went back home she has completely pulled into her shell.  She works and then goes home.  She doesn’t interact with any of her friends besides Markus.  Antonio never wanted to be with one woman until he saw Shelby.  Then when she left to go back home he realized he didn’t want anyone but Shelby.  Will Shelby be able to overcome her doubts and let Antonio in?  Shelby has so much going on in her head all the time and has trouble not overthinking things.  She has a secret and thinks it will stop Antonio from wanting to be with her when he finds out.  Will it?  I wish there were going to be more books in this series.  Everyone is having babies and I would love to read about them.  I love Kathy Coopmans; she is a fantastic author and one on my watch list.  I am always excited when she releases a new book; another great job Kathy Coopmans.   

Amazon Bestselling Author Kathy is a Michigan native where she lives with her husband Tony. They have two son's Aaron and Shane.
She is a sports nut. Her favorite sports include NASCAR, Baseball and Football.
By day she is a hairstylist and loves her job.
She has always been an avid reader and at the young age of 50 decided she wanted to write. She claims she can do several things at once and still stay on task. Her favorite quote is "I got this."

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